Conference and Event Filming

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Same Day Conference Highlights from only £795

We come along and film snippets of your day and edit it in a fun way to a song of your choice. This is a great way of wowing your delegates whilst reminding them of what went on throughout the day. It is always greeted with wows and a round of applause, with many delegates asking the bosses how it was done so quickly.

We discreetly film with a photographic DSLR camera, which not only captures the day in high quality, it also gives the impression that we are taking still images rather than video. This enables the highlights film to be a big surprise as the delegates didn't even relies they were being filmed!

As well as showing the film on your conference day, we will also send it to you in a web friendly and full res formats for your own use. Below are a few examples of this packages final film.

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We are experts are covering conferences and event filming from small to large. We have provided production options for some of the largest companies in the world, yet also regularly film much smaller events to the same high standards.

So enquire and see what we can do for your event. Whether your looking for your event to be filmed by just one camera, or even a six camera 4K live mix with internet streaming.

We are regularly involved in conference filming and own all of the equipment to produce a full 4K or HD live multi-camera production. We have covered events for many large and smaller companies including Barclays, Barclaycard, British Gas, Kier, Dominos Pizza, NHBC and the yearly Women of The Year Awards.

As well as live video production, we can also provide you with corporate style films to show on screen at your conference. This may be interview talking heads of the people not able to attend the conference, a promotional video or motivation short film or even nominations / introduction of winners films for awards ceremonies.

Big Tent Ideas Festival

A Highlights film from the Big Tent Festival of Ideas 2018

Carriages Weddings and Events

A short film of a grand Asian Wedding from the perspective of Carriages Events.

Fatest Pizza Maker Final UK

A short film of the latest pizza maker final. Live mixed.

Dominos Pizza Conference

A days filming for Dominos Pizza UK. Provided a 3 camera live mix to the screen and as a digital file. Also provided a same day edited highlights to be shown in the evening, as shown on the left.

Anglia Ruskin- Vice Chancelors Conference

A one day conference at Anglia Ruskin University. Filmed as a whole with audio and slides inserted. A second camera used to make highlights.

Films Produced: Each presentation uploaded separately with slides. Highlights filmed. (shown)

Interllligent RF & Microwave Solutions

A one day London conference with morning and afternoon speakers. Filmed with 2 cameras with powerpoint slides inserted in post production.

Films Produced: Each presentation uploaded separately with slides and 20 second intro.

Mind and Matter

Mind and Matter is a mindfulness in the workplace conference. Our brief was to produce a short highlights film and record interviews in the style of Vox Pops from delegates.

Films Produced: Vox Pops uploaded as separate interviews.
- A 3 minute highlights film set to music SHOWN

Women of The Year Lunch 2015

Nicole Kidman and a variety of other famous and celebrated women were in attendance for this years WOTYL. We produced a full length version of the event as well as footage for national news and the Lorraine show on ITV.

Films Produced: Complete awards ceremony all cameras, slides.
-Each sponsors award provided separately
-A Short Highlights for event promotion and social media

Women of The Year Lecture

This is a sort clip from the 2015 WOTY Lecture. Mary Nightingale interviewed Shirley Williams (Baroness Williams of Crosby). Cameras had to be positioned at the sides of the theatre and lighting was restricted.

Films Produced:
Complete lecture edited and provided on USB.

British Gas

We filmed a conference at Ascot Racecourse for British Gas. Filmed with 3 cameras and shown in HD on multiple screens around the venue. These short highlights were also created in their lunch break to show at the beginning of the afternoon session.

Arangetram of Krishni

A debut performance dance event held at Fairfield Halls in Croydon. With guest performers flown in from India and across the globe. Filmed with a 4 camera live mix and then post produced to include this edited section set to music.

Women of the Year Lunch

Women of the Year lunch. We returned to film the annual awards at the Park Lane Intercontinental. With footage from the event used in various media channels including Lorraine on ITV.

tag: Live Awards Video Production

Domino's Fastest Pizza Maker Contest

We filmed the fastest pizza making contest 2011. Using 2 on stage cameras following the action and an overview camera front stage. Live mixed onto multiple screens and post edited for a record of the event.

tag: Live Event Video Production

Domino's Pizza Awards Conference

Filmed with 3 cameras and live mixed to multiple screens. We then produced a DVD of the event.

This is the shortened highlights section, used by Domino's at future events.

tag: Live Awards Video Production

NHBC Health and Safety Awards

Filmed with 4 cameras and live mixed to a large screen. We then produced a DVD of the event.

This is the shortened highlights section, to give a short summary of the awards and winners.

tag: Live Awards Video Production

Telesio - Galilei Academy of Science

A simple awards conference, filmed with a single HD camera and post produced onto DVD.

This version was received along with the complete footage from the event.

tag: Conference Filming

MAPFRE UK Conference Alexandra Palace

In 2011 MAPFRE held their annual conference in London. Filmed with 4 cameras and operators with a live mix, t multiple screens around the venue.

tag: live video production

Mridangam Arangetram

We filmed this event at Fairfield Halls Croydon, with a 3 camera live mix.

tag: event video production

Keep It Real - London Riots

A chat show for the youth. Filmed with one static and two operated cameras, with live visual and audio mixing.

tag: event video production

Women of the Year Lunch

A yearly awards ceremony and lunch. Lived mixed to various screens around the venue and footage often used by various television channels.

Filmed using four cameras and operators. Since 2011 has been recorded and relayed in full HD.

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