Talking Head Videos and Client / Customer Testimonials

" A customer talking on film for 30 seconds about their experience with

your company is worth its weight in gold"

The simplest films can often be those with the most impact. Testimonies, key advice delivered straight to the camera and reaction films of those people who have just heard an amazing presentation.

Sometimes you just want a professionally shot interview or vox pops from delegates attending a conference.

We offer services from camera operator hire to a crew with a broadcast camera and professional lighting and sound recording equipment. This will enable a professional production of whatever type of talking head video your looking to record wether it be a celebrity interview or video testimonies.

We can offer the option of filming on a white background or can provide green screen facilities. For that professional look and feel, use our auto cue system.

Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson

A short interview for the Global Disability Innovation Hub, shoot at the House of Lords.

Mindfulness Vox Pops

Vox Pops were recorded as and when throughout the conference with a separate area setup with an extra camera, light and microphone.

These interviews were then included within a highlights video of the event.

Interviews for conference

Videos are great when a key player cannot attend a conference, as they can be prerecorded and presented in a short concise way. Many companies may now decide to record these in-house with an iPad, however for a professional image larger companies know the importance of a professional recording.

Barclaycard Interviews

Filming to camera prior to conference enables a professional presentation to the audience. Auto-cue can be used to precisely control what you want to say and multiple takes can be shot and the best one used.

We are often called upon to film important members of the Barclaycard team, who can't attend conference.


We have filmed a variety of videos for Barclaycard. Including these interviews to be used at one of their conferences.

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